[AERNet] Fw: iZoom, new free magnifier from Issist

Jody W Ianuzzi jody at thewhitehats.com
Mon Apr 4 14:18:24 EDT 2005

| I am replying to an older post (below) from Jim Mayor (Sat, 17 Apr
| 2004) regarding free magnifiers.  There is a new free magnifier called
| iZoom from Issist (Canada), you can download it from:
| http://www.issist.com/index.asp?page=iZoom
| It is the first, free full-screen magnifier/reader application and I
| think it is definitely worth a try -- the price is more-than-right,
| it's entirely free.
| BTW,
| I am working on a different freeware magnifer, Virtual Magnifying
| Glass for Windows, as mentioned below.  Link here:
| http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/
| This magnifier is geared more for simple usage and has some limited AT
| features, which I'm adding over time.  But, iZoom already solves the
| gnarly problem of free, professional-quality AT-software for windows,
| so I think it's highly recommended.  (If only iZoom was Open Source!
| <sigh>)
| Anyway, just wanted to pass this info along.
| Have a nice day,
| -Chris O'Donnell
| (another btw:  I'm 35 with strong astigmatism and parial-blindness in
| one eye from glaucoma)
| **** Previous message below ****
| I am a volunteer (and non-visually impaired) at our local public library 
| very small library in a small rural community in Vermont's Northeast
| Kingdom).  We are making an attempt to improve our computer access for the
| visually impaired (We have two Gates Foundation computers).  The computers
| all have Windows 2000.  We find the visually-impaired feature of 2000 to 
| less than satisfactory.  The librarian saw a Mac recently that had a
| feature to enlarge the entire screen by various increments.  She liked it,
| but understood that software like that for the PC was very expensive. 
| anyone know of something that will work well and not be expensive?
| Incidentally, we also have Virtual Magnifying Glass, which is priced 
| to be marginally satisfactorily.  We would like something that enlarges 
| entire screen.
| BTW, would anyone like to suggest any other software (or hardware) that
| might be suitable for us, considering out extremely limited resources.
| Thanks very much.
| Peace.
| Jim Mayor
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