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Wed Jan 17 12:57:05 EST 2007

Hi Nancy,
Melinda's suggestions are good, and you may also want to wait just a bit for APH to release Elaine Kitchel's new FVA, which will probably be available on federal quota.  I called Elaine and left a message for her to find out when it would be released and will let you know when I hear from her.
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>>> Melinda Schink <schink0504 at yahoo.com> 01/17/07 12:31 PM >>>
I'm not sure what you are currently using, but APH has several different FVA kits available- many through Federal Quota Funds. I have used the DAP, the Literary Media Assessment, and the ISAVE. I tend to suppliment with my own kit, but I suppose you don't have to. I have found the DAP to be better at assessing higher-functioning students, and the ISAVE for the Multiply Impaired student. Just my $.02.
  ~Melinda Schink

Nancy Mitchner <nmitchner at earthlink.net> wrote:

Can anyone recommend a prepared kit of Functional Vision Assessment 
tools that are available to purchase? Our agency is upgrading our 
materials to assess school age students in the area. We have acquired 
some of these materials individually, but would like to acquire many 
of them from one direct source.

Thanks so much,

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