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Mary Nelle McLennan mary.nelle at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 25 23:42:53 EDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,


Each year, the U.S. Department of Education seeks input from vision
professionals on the effectiveness of products and services provided through
the Federal Quota Program, which is administered by the American Printing
House for the Blind (APH). We gather this feedback through a brief on-line
survey available on the APH website. 


The 2013 APH Customer Satisfaction Survey is now available on the APH
website. You are encouraged to respond based on your experience with APH
products provided through Federal Quota funds. The brief, 10-question survey
is available at http://www.aph.org/products/gpra.html through Friday,
September 20, 2013.


Your honest input does make a difference. We DO listen!


Feel free to contact me at aphsurvey at earthlink.net if you have questions or
require assistance.


Thanks for your time and feedback,

Mary Nelle McLennan



Mary Nelle McLennan

Executive Advisor to the President,

American Printing House for the Blind

Vice Chair, Braille Authority of North America

Contact information:

1536 Broad Hill Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Cell: 412-559-7782

mary.nelle at earthlink.net



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